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  • Originally posted by Mogwai View Post
    Forgot to mention... after I got street legal I went and picked my son up from school. The look on his face when I pulled up in the Jeep was priceless. It was definitely a good day, we cruised home jamming to 80's rock with the wind in our hair :)
    Thats what it’s all about!!


    • The saga continues... drove out to my Mom's with the new tires, handled better than the old ones despite being bigger!

      But I guess I didn't have the rear brake caliper guide pins secured tightly enough, because it puked up a rear caliper on the way. Fortunately I've got braided stainless lines, so the caliper itself is fine and I'm only looking at a $17 repair plus the cost of some new brake pads. Also have some adjustments to make to the front clip, the flex fan crashed into the shroud and chewed it up, but other than that it's doing great so far! :)

      Nothing beats cruising around with tunes blasting and the wind in my (increasing lack of) hair again.

      Next up I need to finish tidying up the wires to the sound system, install the rear seats and harnesses, and then I'll be ready for some family cruising with kiddos in the back. Hopefully it won't be too long before I take 'er out to Bridgeport for the first shakedown run!


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