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  • Awesome
    81 Scrambler

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    • Looking great, Chris!


      • Great Work, looks FANTASTIC!!


        • Man, I am so overdue for an update here. Life with 5 kids has been hectic and the Jeep has taken a back seat (one of my major remaining to-do items, btw) lately.

          This past weekend I did a garage cleanup so I could start work on the Jeep again. I've got a new dizzy installed, but haven't gotten the timing set yet, so that's going to be my #1 goal. After that, my remaining to-do's before the first shakedown trail run are:
          1. Shocks - Fronts are ready to install, and I've got the brackets for the back, just need to do some welding and measuring. Going to have to work in some bumpstops, too, those XJ springs want to invert badly.
          2. Powder Coat - I have a handful of parts I've fabbed / assembled that need to be coated so I can bolt them in
          3. Seats and Harnesses - dependent on the powder coating for the rear seat bracket
          4. Final Cage Bolt-up - again, dependent on powder
          5. Re-sealing the sub box - minor issue, but necessary to eliminate flutter
          6. Installing PRP tool bags

          I'm going to defer the air system for now, it's in need of a complete revisit, especially if I'm going to add A/C later on. Right now I've got a Kilby system with the York compressor, which is excellent, but I think I'll be happier in the long-run with an electric system so I can make room for an actual A/C compressor. Similar story with some of the auxiliary electrics, like rock lights. I can get back on the trails without 'em! I think I've wasted too much time on analysis paralysis for those two items and it's not necessary.

          So, barring any surprises I'm really not far off at all from being ready to get back on the trails. Hopefully I'll be posting up some updates and pics within the next week or so!


          • It's always exciting when a build gets close to the finish line. Good Job..!
            James NVRDUN Foster

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            • Not sure if I can post other forum links here, but I did a series of articles on painting steel on another site. I am a paint chemist (invent paint) and have been doing it for over 30 years. So if you have paint questions feel free to ask. If allowed I can link the articles.