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1952 M38A1 Build

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  • Originally posted by Maverick1701 View Post
    I'm still too stupid to figure out how to post pics but as of today, the all the 24v and military accessories have been swapped into the new motor. The new motor is in the jeep.
    Now it's time to just button up the final details.

    Originally posted by Bearkat View Post
    You can use any of the photo hosting websites to host your photo and then simply add the BB Code to link/post your photo on the forum. Below is a how-to for several of the photo hosting websites. If you are uploading a photo for the JOTM contest, your image must be at least 800 pixels in width or height.

    IMGBB - free
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    4. Then hit Upload when you see a thumbnail of your pic
    5. Now you will see "Upload complete" with a thumbnail of your pic.
    6. Click on the Embed Codes icon, select BBCode Full. Now copy the full line including the [img] tags. Paste the text in your thread.
    FLICKR - limited free account
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    3. You should see the photo with icons in the lower right.
    4. Click on the "Share Photo" icon.
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    IMGUR - free
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    Jeff Brint
    LSJC Trail Leader - LSJC Moderator
    2013 JKU Rubicon w/Antirocks, Front Artec Truss & Gusseted, Full Rock Hard Skids, RK 3.5" Max Travel, 37" Nittos, Beadlocks, PS Front Stinger, 10K Winch, LoD Rock Sliders, LoD Shorty Rear w/Tire Carrier
    2018 White JLU Sahara, leather, 2" lift, 35" Nitto Ridge Grapplers


    • I had to send the radiator out to be cleaned as it was FULL of trash. That should be done tomorrow.
      I dropped off two new batteries to the shop today. Hopefully all that is left is re-assembling the cooling system, tossing in the two batteries and firing it up.
      We will see if any more issues arise.


      • The replacement F134 is in the jeep.
        About two weeks ago I sent off my MV fuel pump to John at Midwest Military. He did an outstanding job at cleaning it up and rebuilding it.
        It arrived back earlier this week and I dropped it off at the mechanic. Also my radiator was finished getting cleaned out so that is done...apparently the guy took longer than usual to get it done due to covid.

        So this week hopefully there are no more issues and the jeep will be running....fingers crossed.