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Poor JKS quality and customer support

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  • Poor JKS quality and customer support

    Been using the JKS front adjustable trackbar for TJ/LJ/XJ on my last 3 builds (as well as their rear trackbars). I installed one 15 years ago, one 9 years ago and one 3 years ago. The newest one I noticed threading in the adjustable end took a lot more force to thread in but I was into the build and just accepted it. Went to adjust it for a different lift height a recently and it was completely seized. I was amazed. Tried days of penetrating oil, MAP torch... all to no avail. I locked it in a vice and with all my weight (200+ lbs) on a 3' breaker bar... nothing. The other 5 (2 front and 3 rear) all still work. I followed the instructions with anti seize...

    Now I understand things get through quality control that should not, so I emailed them and after multiple emails att they did was tell me "use penetrating oil and heat. I got it hot enough that the powdercoa tblistered and the rubber bussing started smoking, do not think I can get it hotter without melting it.

    They did not seem to care that it may be their issue and suggested I just buy another one if I could not unseize that one.

    So a poor product and poor customer service.