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PRP Enduro Recliners in a Jeep TJ.

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  • PRP Enduro Recliners in a Jeep TJ.

    You would think, since these seats have been around awhile you would be able to find them in a Jeep somewhere, or even a random review.Well to my surprise there was almost no info out there. So I said what the heck. I mean why not, since I have done the ole MC Rubicon and PRP Daily driver installs.

    Install says about 30 minutes. It would probably help if I hadn't knocked out the studs on the seat bases for the Rubicons. So I had to go source some hardware. These are fairly easy to install however there is some pulling and tugging to get them all lined up. I also had a moment of dohhhhh after I had them in the first time. Well at least the drivers.

    First impressions, fantastic. I mean exactly what I was looking for. The back wraps you a little and it has little leg humps on the seats. I did some 40 degree side angle stuff and they weren't bad at all. I think I got my inch back under the wheel you loose with the Mastercrafts due to their base height. The best part though is entry and exit is almost like the stock seats, but with a little more holding power, and all the comfort of a suspension seat. I think they still slide all the way back but they do touch the cage at full back. I sit an inch and a half forward of that so no big deal to me. It's funny, when I called PRP directly, they said these seats had no holding power and were like stock. Of the few limited pictures I could find I thought I could see a bit more than stock. so I figured I would try them.

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    They look good to me.


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      I like those and look a lot more comfy than the crap I have.



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        Do the hinges (for the recline) feel pretty sturdy? Being a bigger boy (fat arse) I have had the hinges actually bend and the seat back twist while wheeling on a set of reclining seats. Really leaning toward PRP for my next set but weary of the recline.


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          They look to be built pretty solid. PRP has been around a while and they are considerable heavier than the mastercrafts with no recline.