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Need Mechanic for Grand Cherokee

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  • Need Mechanic for Grand Cherokee

    Hey all..

    I have always wanted to own a Jeep and I finally bought a used 1999 Grand Cherokee last week. But unfortunately, the seller had disabled the "check engine" light, my ex-mechanic missed some things... and now I have some work to do.

    I'm trying not to let this problem stand in the way of being a proud Jeep owner, but I need some help finding someone to work on the rear differential and transmission.

    Any suggestions???
    -Patrick in Frisco

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    A good start would be looking through the club sponsors.

    At minimum you are dealing with a business that has recognized the value of working with the club.

    Unfortunately, I believe your area is where several shops have recently closed up due to lack of business.

    Baertrax is a heavily used shop by club members, from repairs and upgrades to buggy work, they are about 20 miles south of Frisco.

    For parts, you have two 4 Wheel Parts stores on either side to you in Coppell and Plano. They are a very involved sponsor, give good pricing and the Coppell store has a large warehouse attached to it with a great many parts in stock on site.
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      BaerTrax does great work. I know BlackMud 4x4 does great work as well. Both are probably similar distances from Frisco.


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        Thanks for the help! Any thoughts on junk yards in the area? I hear that some of them might be willing to replace the differential if they have one to sell.


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          I've only used Pick-n-Pull myself so far

          My understanding is there are cheaper deals out there, but the thing I like is that on their website you can check the location inventories to see how many of a type of vehicle they have, the years and when they arrived to get a better idea on what chance you have on finding your part before you go there.

          Also, you can search their part list to see what they are going to charge you for the part in general (some high demand parts are pre-pulled and upcharged).

          Over by the Fort Worth Pick-n-Pull location the street it is on is junk yard after junk yard but I haven't checked any of those out, I heard there is a heavy Jeep one there too.