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wont idle??

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  • wont idle??

    I got into my jeep this morning and when I turned the key I got nothing. No response at all, no lights, no power, nothing. So, I kind of panicked but I figured it was my battery. I buy cheap wal-mart batteries and I have to replace them about twice a year... it’s a bad habit I’m fixing to break. Anyway, I turn the key again and I start to get a response but it won’t start. All my gauges are up and the power seems to be fine... so I thought great.. my battery is working. So I turn the key again it cranks but it dies as soon as it starts.. so I do this about 3 more times and it will start but it will not idle at all. So finally I just keep giving it gas for about 2 minutes and it starts to idle but my check engine light is still on. I drove it around the block and it seemed to be doing ok. So I begin my drive to work, it appears to be driving fine other than the check engine light being on. About 10 minutes into my drive it dies while I’m going about 40 miles an hour so I turn the key and it cranks right up. At this point I’m thinking it might be my gas, maybe water or dirt in my gasoline. I had about a quarter of a tank so I pull into a gas station and fill it up with high grade gas. I get back in and it cranks up just fine, it idles… everything seems fine except that blasted check engine light is still on. So I make it to work and I’m really concerned that there might be something I’m missing. I hate driving my jeep with the engine light on because I’m scared I might end up doing more damage to it. If you have any advice to offer please let me know so I can check it out.

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    If you cant get the codes out yourself, run by Autozone on the way home and have them scan it.

    Its common for Chrysler vehicles to get a little stupid right after the battery goes completly dead, but the light shouldnt be on


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      I had a similar issue, but with out the battery. I would get the jeep started, and kept it at idle with the throttle. Drove down the road, shut it off and turned it on. everything worked great. The check engine light went off within a few miles. It is most proably a lean reading from the O2 sensor. Now that the jeep is working, un hook the battery to re-set the light. If it comes back on, there could be an issue, but I bet it will just go away.


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        Yeah, it looks like the problem has gone away. It must have been water in my fuel or something. I just started it after letting it sit for about 3 hours and it cranked just fine and the light is not on anymore. Ive had issues with the engine light before where its come on and then gone off so I was hoping it would just go away. Thanks!