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Would headers replace the stock exhaust manifold?

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  • Would headers replace the stock exhaust manifold?

    I was told by a shop my exhaust manfiold is cracked, it's leaking and loud. Quote for like $600 to replace it stock; if instead of get some aftermarket headers for my 1998 XJ, would I still need to replace the exhaust manifold or would the headers replace that?

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    headers would replace the stock manifold. just be careful as some headers are more prone to cracking as well.


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      Thanks! Could you recommend some good ones? Also they are a fraction of the cost of replacing it with a factor stock one... go figure.


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        Will all depend on the jeep. A little more detail would help a ton.
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          You say it’s a ‘98 XJ so I assume it’s a 4.0 I6.
          It’s such a long engine and with the natural heating and cooling cycles it’s tough to keep the 1 piece exhaust manifold from cracking, which is why they went to a 2 piece design on later engines. Unfortunately the 2 piece manifolds won’t fit the earlier head. I’ve tried a couple different headers but they eventually ended up with the same problem.
          What I’m using now and what’s lasted the longest is an oem replacement manifold, but the #1 and #6 tubes are corrugated flexible pieces that allow for some movement.
          I don’t remember exactly which one I bought but it’s very similar to this.


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            Not sure if they make it or if it will fit is using a long tube header but it requires re-doing the one down pipe. I know you can do it on a TJ
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