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JK battery replacement issue

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  • JK battery replacement issue

    Battery died in my 2010 2 door, and needs replacement. I went to go take it out, and i am a little stuck.
    Got the terminals off, but i am stuck at the retention bracket.
    I can get it loose, but not all the way off. So i cant remove that little plastic wedge.
    I've changed the battery before, and i do not recall it being this difficult. Am i missing something?
    The bolt holding the wedge in comes about maybe 1/2 inch loose, and then just spins.

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    I think there's just a little clip nut that the battery wedge screws into and I'd guess it's broken. Try keeping a bit of upward pressure, maybe with a flat screwdriver or small prybar, on the screw as your turning it with either a ratchet or drill/impact.


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      I got a screw driver under the wedge, and applying force let me get it loose enough to swap batteries. The Jeep did not start with the new battery, waiting on the wife to get home and try and jump it.
      I am hoping something else isn't wrong. It tried to turn over, but did not make it. Hopefully a jump start and i will be back up and running :)


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        Problem solved, user error on my behalf. It sure looked and felt like the negative cable was bolted on good. But when i tested with a multimeter, it made a better connection and everything came alive. Jeep starts up fine now :)


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          Good to hear!
          2004 Jeep TJ - Legacy


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            Originally posted by Kiwi View Post
            It sure looked and felt like the negative cable was bolted on good.
            that seems to be a problem with the JK battery terminals, both mine and my mom's have same issue.