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Chrystler 8.25 w locker c clip removal

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  • Chrystler 8.25 w locker c clip removal

    My buddy has a chrystler 8.25 with some form of lunch box locker. It looks like it has 2 slots for the c clips to go through, but we cannot get them out. The cross pin is out, the axles move in and out freely until they hit the c clips. The c clips spin and jiggle around. It really seems like they should just fall out. We have tried;
    1. brake cleaner
    2. degreaser
    3. hammering everything in sight
    4. wrapping floss around the c clip
    5. magnets
    6. electromagnets
    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Did you remove the spring and pins and try to get the clip from between the side gear and middle gear? Also, make sure the spacer is getting moved over out of the way.


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      I don’t think this particular brand has any clips on the side gears. The springs have all been removed but the pins don’t seem able to be removed while the assembly is in the carrier.


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        We solved the problem.
        we went and bought a stock 8.25 for 200$
        those c clips fell out.