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Eskimo Falls Run (Hidden Falls) - 2/2/19 -OFFICIAL LSJC Event

Sign up is open for LSJC's 1st offical wheeling event of 2019, the Eskimo Run, at the beautiful Hidden Falls Adventure Park on February 2nd, 2019. You will not want to miss this one. Sign up today!!!
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*Happy 2019 LSJC!! It's time to start planning your 2019 wheeling trips. Please see the 2019 LSJC Event Calendar that is now posted and start submitting your requests for time off so that you can join us. Hope to see you out on the trails soon. HAPPY WHEELING!!*
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Engine oil pressure control circuit

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  • Engine oil pressure control circuit

    I have a new JLU and keep getting a code of P06DD, Engine oil pressure control circuit performance / stuck off. My rig has been in the shop now for the 3rd time. It comes on after driving about 20 minutes at highway speeds. I'll admit it came on after a trip to Bridgeport and nearly getting stuck in some serious mud. I ask what the worse case might be and the dealership said a new engine because it may be contaminated with water. It came on with 260 miles and they said I could drive it, so it's in with 730 miles. The JLU runs normal, no noticeable exhaust, performance has been fine and doesn't stall, etc.

    Has anyone experienced water in their engine? If so what did it run like? The dealership is very busy and hasn't even had a chance to diagnose the issue yet (been there since Tuesday and I'm having Jeep withdrawals) but I thought I'd ask around.

    if I caused it, I'll own up to it, but it doesn't seem like the engine is ruined.


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    I hope for you that water did not get into the engine.

    Have you changed the oil and inspected it?


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      I did check the oil and it wasn't cloudy. Looked clean and normal, but haven't changed it. I've asked them to do that if they'd get to it.


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        No water damage found (thankfully) and the engine is fine. Changed the oil, air filter, added fuel cleaner, and filled up with premium gas. So far after 300 plus mile, no problems.


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          Originally posted by Mountain65 View Post
          No water damage found (thankfully) and the engine is fine. Changed the oil, air filter, added fuel cleaner, and filled up with premium gas. So far after 300 plus mile, no problems.


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            Hollar at Sean Tierney or Jeff Wright at Jackalope Customs at Roger Williams Jeep in Weatherford. They are an LSJC sponsor and have always gotten my Jeep in quickly to diagnose. I bet they can fit you in if you have any other problems or concerns.



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              I know Its been a few days since I've been on the forums and I hope that the code has not come back. The 3.6L motors are very picky on oil pressures. Make sure that the oil level is where it should be. I know that you are not due for the oil change but you did it any ways make sure that you us the correct oil. Using the incorrect oil viscosity and even set at trouble code. You may be able to watch the oil pressure on the dash info screen. It should run from 29 psi to to 65 psi. Don't wast your money on premium gas. You don't get anything from it. Just run 87 octane and it will be fine. If the light come back on feel free to bring it by and we can take a look at it at Roger Williams Jeep.
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                Thank you for the advice. I did have the oil changed a couple weeks ago and since then it seems to be ok. I've driven now over 700 miles. She runs smoother and I'm getting better gas mileage (13 to 16 mpg). I may bring it by in a few weeks just for a look over. I'm planning a long trip late Spring and don't want to be in the middle of no where stranded.