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JOTM/JOTY Contest Rules and Regulations - UPDATED

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  • JOTM/JOTY Contest Rules and Regulations - UPDATED

    JOTM/JOTY Contest Rules and Regulations

    The theme of the contest is to show us the best picture ever taken of your jeep. This includes: scenery, lighting, and all aspects that encapsulate good picture taking. All appropriate pictures can entered into the contest. In the submission thread all we need is the picture, no other information is required at this point.

    Winners will be contacted at the end of the voting process and will then be able to provide a little information on the image.
    (where it was taken, Jeep details etc)

    If you do not win this month, post again next month! Only previous winning photos are restricted from entering the contest again.

    • You must be a current LSJC Member in order to enter and win the contest that month
    • Photo size must be at least 800 pixels in width or 800 pixels in height and in .jpg, .gif or .png format
    • Photo must be family friendly
    • Photo must have never won the contest
    • Photo must not depict any illegal wheeling activity. (i.e.. wheeling in posted areas etc)
    • Photo must be submitted to the month's contest submission forum page to be eligible.
    • Candidates must refrain from publicly soliciting votes (this will cause a disqualification of the candidate)
    • Member grants Lone Star Jeep Club (LSJC) full usage rights for submitted photos (i.e. website, forum, social media, marketing, etc.)
    • Winners are only allowed to win 1 JOTM per calendar year. This allows more members a chance at winning and ensures that there will be 12 different members in the running for JOTY.
    Your Jeep will be hosted on the front page ( for a term of one month after winning.
    A Thread, Titled "JOTM - [MONTH] [YEAR]" with your Jeep and a little info on the picture will be created, and kept forever.
    You can request your forum name to be tagged with your winning month as well.
    Your winning photo will be used for the cover image on the LSJC Facebook pages for the winning month.
    ****** Winners of the JOTM will be entered into the JOTY contest and the winner of the JOTY will get their membership paid for a year!

    What you will need to do in order to submit is to upload the best shot ever taken of your Jeep to a photo sharing site
    of your choice (suggest flickr, imgur, imgbb, etc) and post into the current contest thread. Photo Submission period runs through the 15th of each month.
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