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Fathers Day Run - 2021 Barnwell Mountain - Gilmer, TX - Saturday June 19th

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  • Fathers Day Run - 2021 Barnwell Mountain - Gilmer, TX - Saturday June 19th

    Father's Day Run
    Father's Day run.jpg
    Come help LSJC Honor our Father's on their Special Day!
    June 19, 2021

    BMRA Gilmer, TX
    Park opens at 8
    Meet at the pavilion to air down and prepare for the day
    We will be going by state Mandates for Masks and Social Distancing

    We will be holding a raffle at the pavilion during lunch!
    Only Paid Members are eligible to enter the raffles.
    Bring your Membership Card!

    LSJC will be providing Subway Sandwiches during lunch for those who wish to partake

    Your choices are:

    Ham w/ lettuce and tomato
    Turkey w/ lettuce and tomato

    Lunch orders end Tuesday, June 15th by 8pm
    Lunch orders are Closed!!!

    Please give an accurate count of people you will be bringing and the type/amount (1 sandwich per person) of sandwiches needed

    If you are unable to attend and have already given your count please let the club know so we don't waste club (your) money on food that will go to waste!!

    Sign Up Sheet:

    1. Stella
    2. Vanburi
    3. Hondo
    4. Ichthus
    5. Desert Rat / Granny Jeep
    6. Number7
    7. Dragonslayer
    8. Jean-Luc
    9. Drew -
    10. Shomurph
    11. LostHi
    12. BeartraxMike
    14. eder214 -
    15. rubi gurl
    16. bartman
    17. Emkayd
    18. somedude
    19. pchight2
    20. TrailMix
    21. Bluerubi
    22. Rocky
    23. morgansw
    24. oldhippie
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    Sign me up.
    2019 'Mojito' JLR(bone stock)
    2015 Cherokee KL(traded in)


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      I will be there
      Mostly Stock - 2005 TJ Ford 1 tons with 5.13 gears, RCV axles and ARBs, Reid Racing knuckles, Atlas 5.0, Vanco Hydroboost, PSC steering and Hydro assist 4" teraflex long arm Metalcloak fenders


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        I can ride shotgun until I'm back in operation. I doubt my rig will be ready by then.


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          We will be there.

          2 people, 1 ham and 1 turkey sandwich.
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            Granny Jeep and I will be there will get there on Friday ,have cabin rented


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              We will be there.


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                I'm in


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                  We will be there and we may camp on Fri.

                  1/1 we both want turkey.
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                    I'm there!

                    Will be 2 of us so 2 Ham for me plz


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                      The old ZJ will be there. Been many moons since wheeling with LSJC!


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                        LSJC will be providing lunch for Father's Day!! Please make sure you provide the needed information or bring your own lunch. Your options are in the original post

                        Jen Barnett
                        Vice President/Membership Director
                        2011 Jeep Wrangler JKU
                        LSJC Member, Trail Leader


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                          Bev and I will be there. Ham for me. Turkey for Bev. No cheese for Bev. She can't have cheese. If that is not possible, then NP. She will bring her lunch, Just let us know.


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                            Judy and I want 1 ham each.


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                              We will be there!!! :)

                              3 people, 2 Ham, 1 Turkey please