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Veteran's Day Run 2019 (Hot Springs)

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  • Veteran's Day Run 2019 (Hot Springs)



    Veteran's Day Run
    Hot Springs ORV Park (Hot Springs, AR)
    November 7-9, 2019

    Come join us for our annual Veteran's Day Run. This our annual trip to Hot Springs, AR to the Hot Springs ORV park. The official wheeling event is Friday and Saturday, although there will be some of us arriving on Thursday to wheel that afternoon.

    • When: Thursday 11/7/18 thru Saturday 11/9/18
    • Time: Meet at park 8am-5pm Friday and Saturday, times will vary for Thursday.
    • Where: Hot Springs ORV Park - Hot Springs, AR
    • Cost: (
    • Daily fee - $33 per day, or
      • Yearly Membership - $60 (includes day 1), and $16.50 per day for the remainder of the year membership
      • Gold Yearly Membership - $275, and no day fees
    NOTE: LSJC will get the group discount. Please tell them upon arrival that you are with Lone Star Jeep Club.

    Discount prices are as follows:

    $60 for the weekend and that includes the yearly membership
    $33 for the weekend if you already have a current membership

    Thanks, Darla!!
    • 2019 LSJC VETERAN'S DAY SHIRT INFORMATION... See post #3 below.



    For more details on Hot Springs ORV Park please click the link below:



    • Varied wheeling times (please contact others arriving Thursday - not an official wheeling day)

    • 8:00 AM: Park Opens. Check in your vehicle at the office.
    • 8:30 AM: Line up with your Trail Leader begin to air down, disconnect and get any other items in your vehicle ready to go!
    • 9:00 AM: Drivers Meeting with Trail Leader
    • 9:15 AM: Head out on the Trails
    • 12:00 - 2:00 PM: Lunch is based on group and Trail Leader.
    • 2:00 PM: Head back out for some more trail riding till dusk!

    • 8:00 AM: Park Opens. Check in your vehicle at the office (if not done on Friday)
    • 8:15 AM: Breakfast at the pavilion
    • 8:30 AM: Line up with your Trail Leader begin to air down, disconnect and get any other items in your vehicle ready to go!
    • 9:00 AM: Drivers Meeting with Trail Leader
    • 9:15 AM: Head out on the Trails
    • 12:00 - 2:00 PM: Lunch is based on group and Trail Leader.
    • 2:00 PM: Head back out for some more trail riding till dusk!


    1. Absolutely no alcohol before or during trail rides.
    2. All passengers must have and use seatbelts at all times.
    3. Do not allow passengers to stand up in a moving vehicle.
    4. Keep your arms, legs, hands and feet inside the Jeep at all times while the Jeep is moving.
    5. The owner or driver of the vehicle has inspected the vehicle and warrants that it is in good mechanical condition and properly insured.
    6. Drive slow and in a common sense manner. Speed and power are not required to drive offroad.
    7. Do not do anything to endanger yourself or your passengers.
    8. Be alert outside your Jeep for the safety of others who may be in close proximity.
    9. Soft top vehicles are required to have a roll bar.
    10. Please follow all safety instructions.
    11. Set your handbrake if you leave the Jeep.
    12. Always place a piece of canvas, jacket, towel or something else over the winch cable while winching.
    13. Always make sure there are at least 5 wraps of cable remaining on the drum before winching.
    14. Always keep everyone as far away as possible from the cable when you are winching. This should be at least thirty feet.
    15. Keep your hands and fingers clear when reeling the winch cable onto the spool.
    16. The winch cable should be free of kinks and broken strands.
    17. Keep the Jeep behind you in sight at all times.

    ***By registering for this event, you agree to abide by these rules, and agree to follow any and all instructions from Trail Leaders and LSJC Directors.



    The following are some basic tools/equipment that are handy to have for these events:
    1. CB (not mandatory, but best form of communication on trails)
    2. Tow points front and rear on vehicle (winch, D-rings, etc.)
    3. Tow strap (not mandatory, but good to have handy)
    4. Basic tools (to disconnect swaybar, lug wrench, tire gauge, etc.)
    5. Onboard fire extinquisher (at least one)
    6. Energy
    7. Food (lunch can be done on the trail, or some may choose to run into town for quick lunch)
    8. Water...plenty of water (***no alcohol is allowed on the trails)



    Housing Information:
    Americas Best Value Inn (formerly Travelier Inn)
    1045 East Grand Avenue
    Hot Springs, AR 71901
    Phone: (501) 624-4681, Fax (501) 624-4684
    See parking question in FAQ

    Rodeway Inn
    1125 E. Grand Ave.
    Hot Springs, AR 71901
    Phone: (501) 624-3321 Fax: (501) 624-5814

    Knights Inn
    1871 East Grand Ave
    Hot Springs, AR 71901 US
    Phone: (501) 624-4436 or (800) 238-4891

    Embassy Suites Hotel
    400 Convention Blvd
    Hot Springs, AR 71901
    Phone: (501) 624-9200

    Candlewood Suites
    3404 Central Avenue
    Hot Springs, Arkansas
    (501) 624-4000

    Panther Valley Ranch
    Phone: (501) 623-5556

    Camping at the Park
    Here are two checklists that may be helpful:

    Hot Springs ORV Park offers both tent and RV camp sites nestled in beautiful shaded hardwoods. Many sites border one of our numerous spring-fed creeks. Tent sites include pea-gravel tent pads and fire rings; some have picnic tables. RV sites include electrical / water hookups and fire rings. Our modern restroom facilities house private showers and a clothes washer / dryer. The Park store is stocked with snacks and goodies, plus most anything else you may need, including firewood, personal items and emergency vehicle repair items.

    RV sites are available at $20.00-$30.00 per night.
    Tent sites are available at $10.00 per night.
    Cabin Rental is available. Cost is $100/night with a $50 deposit (sleeps 4-6)
    We suggest that you reserve your site in advance. Call the park office during normal business hours to reserve your camping spot.

    Park Manager
    Hot Springs ORV Park
    2100 Millcreek Rd
    Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901
    Office (501) 625-3600
    Fax (501) 625-3607

    email: [email protected]

    Other Camping
    KOA Campgrounds
    National Reservations: 800-562-5903
    Phone: (501) 624-5912

    J & J RV Park
    Phone: (501) 321-9852

    Restaurant Information:
    Hot Springs is full of every type of restaurant you desire.






    Interactive Map



    Refer to Post #2 for Participant Lists...
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    *please indicate whether you are willing to help TRAIL LEAD or be a GUNNER - TIA!!

    *ALSO, please indicate what level of trails you would like to run for Friday/Saturday, this will help us setup the groups.

    Trail Leaders:


    James NVRDUN Foster/Jackpot Girl (Friday)


    Bearkat - Badge Trails (Friday & Saturday)


    Clutch (TL or Gunner)


    James NVRDUN Foster/Jackpot Girl (Saturday)





    Creature- Badge trails/Easy/Measy

    jkjoe/Girlsdrive2! (w/ NVRDUN)

    Attending Veteran's Day Run:

    1. Obsession
    2. RAWRR
    3. Mountain65
    4. Alice_in_Jeepland (badge/medium)
    5. Mongo
    6. cj8larry
    7. Mudd Diva/Trex -Medium/Hard
    8. Candy -Medium/Hard
    9. rusty jeep/bisquit
    10. DonJBear
    11. LostHi

    12. josatchell - Medium
    13. rundaisy
    14. Bear
    - Medium/Medium-Hard
    15. hondo
    16. Bearkat
    17. Haze Gray

    18. Vaultboy
    19. BMRNJPR
    20. dboelter
    21. Mr. Bumbles
    22. vanburi
    23. SoullessJeeperher
    24. DougieC
    25. atownarmy
    26. Airborne2
    27. Rocky - Medium/Medium-Hard
    28. Jeepin Jason
    29. rubi gurl - Easy
    30. Hulk Smash - Easy
    31. Dirty Laundry JKU - Medium/Medium-Hard
    32. Land Shark - Medium/Medium-Hard
    33. Whitten - Medium/Medium-Hard
    34. Bluerubi - Medium/Medium-Hard
    35. James NVRDUN Foster/Jackpot Girl
    36. Clutch - Medium
    37. Ichthus
    38. JeepinGerry - Easy
    39. mmoore0630 - Medium
    40. Creature
    41. Punkin4x4 - Easy/Measy
    42. Dory - Easy/Measy
    43. Dragoon- Easy/Measy
    44. 50ShadesJL
    45. eder214
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      Follow this link to order your Veteran's Day T-Shirt:
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        Count me in. Arriving Thursday
        Rob Anderson
        JKU HardRock (Black Widow II)
        *Honorary Member


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          Put me down. Looking forward to this ride. Thanks


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            We're in. RV spot reserved and we'll be getting in on Thursday.
            2013 JKU Rubicon w/Antirocks, Front Artec Truss & Gusseted, Full Rock Hard Skids, RK 3.5" Max Travel, 37" Nittos, Beadlocks, PS Front Stinger, 10K Winch, LoD Rock Sliders, LoD Shorty Rear w/Tire Carrier
            2018 White JLU Sahara, leather, 2" lift, 35" Nitto Ridge Grapplers


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              We'll be there!

              Jen Barnett
              2011 Jeep Wrangler JKU
              LSJC Member, Trail Leader


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                James and I will be there.

                Lisa Foster
                LSJC Treasurer


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                  ***updated to here***


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                    Originally posted by Alice_in_jeepland View Post
                    We'll be there!
                    Both Jeeps or just one?


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                      Originally posted by Obsession View Post

                      Both Jeeps or just one?

                      Jen Barnett
                      2011 Jeep Wrangler JKU
                      LSJC Member, Trail Leader


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                        Jeff (Trex) and I will be there! We will have another jeep (Candy) with us and we'll do medium- hard.

                        We will not be getting in until Friday morning. My PTK induction ceremony is that Thursday night so is there anyway we can get our group CB channel so we can catch up when we get in if it's after 9am? Thank you!
                        Natalie C. Wright

                        Family Jeep: 2014 Grand Cherokee Summit
                        Trail Jeep: 2003 TJ Rubicon
                        Tow Rig: 2014 Ram 1500 Lone Star Edition


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                          Not attending.


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                            Rusty and Randi Kennedy rusty jeep and bisquit
                            Rusty Kennedy 2015 rubicon, shrockworks mid front bumper, shrockworks back bumper, warn 9.5ti winch, 3" Teraflex lift, 35" KM 2's. Poison Spyder fenders and crusher panels


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                              I am coming for this. So far running solo if someone wants to ride along.