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Grey XJ at Barnwell on the 12th?

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  • Grey XJ at Barnwell on the 12th?

    Friday night kind of sucked but Saturday was beautiful. I always hate the mud after I get home to clean stuff ;)

    When we were leaving Sunday there was an XJ parked by the pavillion with a trailer hooked to it... I assume had ATV or bikes as nobody around. Good looking XJ do you visit NAXJA site I know I saw a sticker from here on it?

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    Yep, that was me out there. I was hoping to make it out Saturday as I saw on the Red River NAXJA forum that you and a couple of guys where going to be out there but couldn't make it. Was out in the Rzr sunday as the wife likes to wheel open on nice days but would of loved to wheeled my XJ with you guy's even if I only had the 31"s on there. Usally run 33" but was up in Amarillo a couple of weeks back wheeling with my son then had to drive to his place in Lubbock after that. Just put the long arm a few months back and really like it. Maybe next time.


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      Sorry I could not make it Roger, glad you had a good time.


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        Jim, I hope your wife is doing better... we missed ya. Was a beautiful day Saturday but all trails were muddy and you know how that makes even 2 & 3 diamonds ;)
        Desert Rat hope you can make the Rides of March with us at RedRiver. I was by far the smallest out there... 31's too. Even the guys with 37&38's were hindered at the mud :) One trail I think we all winched up :(