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Know anyone that works with Honda Motorcycles?

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  • Know anyone that works with Honda Motorcycles?

    We're working on a CBR600 F4i Honda street bike engine for our 2014 Formula SAE car at UNT. We are looking to see if someone in the area may be able to help us out with acquiring parts or working with us on the engine rebuild.

    Have someone that might be able to lend a hand? I appreciate the help!


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    Are you just looking for parts suppliers (new or used)? Or model specific tips? I know a few race motor builders, but they aren't free. For parts I'd check out the Honda forums. Stay away from stunted bikes unless you want parts from an oil starved motor (or parts that it wouldn't matter). I tended to just buy whole running motors out of wrecked stock bikes rather than rebuild. But my lap times are rider limited, not HP.


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      There's a place here on the edge if mckinney/Frisco at Preston Rd and 380 that does custom work on bikes. I'm sure they could get you whatever you need


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        dfw honda

        talk with david dendy