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I-20 between ft worth and dallas

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  • I-20 between ft worth and dallas

    How many of yall travel 20? I work in godley tx and usually stay out there during the week in our rv but have needed to drive occasionally.

    This past week ive had to drive a co worker due to a friend wreaked her car and they havnt gotten her a rental yet as the insurance agency is dragging their feet trying not to help her.

    Its mostly in the afternoon but in my head(so i dont seem like a nutjob) i play the count the wrangler game but should almost be count the JK game hahaha. The rigs i see are pretty nice and some are really set up but mostly always on the west bound side and im traveling back east between ft worth and dallas.

    Wish i was driving my TJ but it needs to be re assembeled haha and so i DD my old 97 f350. If its anyone here that runs that drive during around 3:30-5pm depending on when i leave work and ya spot a crew cab OBS red f350 heading east honk, holler, wave, or run me off the road(last part might not work so well hahahaha).

    Anyway was just curious if any of the rigs i see are any of yall.