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    Anyone have recommendations on a reputable foundation repair company?


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    Well, I can tell you this: Metroplex Foundation Repair is probably the cheapest in the area to offer a lifetime transferable warranty....however, getting them to return calls, show up on time, and do quality work the first time without tearing up your yard and pouring waste concrete on your grass and not leave cigarette butts and empty water bottles all over the place is a bit too much to ask of them.


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      I used advanced foundation repair 15 years ago and still have no issues. I had 24 piers put in.


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        I used MBR foundation repair ..20 pilings waste concrete poured on grass ,trash ,cig. butts,had them come out to clean up there mess....


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          Advanced Foundation. 46 piers :mad2: that are lifetime transferable.

          Think I got them down to $550 a pier for the good ones since they were putting so many in. I had to move in with the inlaws for a month or two with all of the rain delays. Then after they got the house leveled there were 3 or 4 places that our plumbing broke. Not a fun situation at all.


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            I have talked to about 10 companies about the part of my house that's slab (90% is P&B). I decided to go with this company:
            James Bond Complete Foundation Repair in Dallas, TX, offers foundation repair to ensure your house stands tall and secure.

            I haven't had them start the work, just as we were about to go my A/C unit died and I had to spend $8500 on a new system.


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              We also used Advanced. Lifetime transferable warrantee and free adjustments to sinking piers sold us(cost was essentially same as other two free estimates, Butler and Upright I think) 26 piers ~$13K About nine years ago.

              We've had them out twice since to re check.
              The first time they found the perimeter (their piers) stable, but the center of the house sagging, so they recommended Uretek-IRC Foundation apply their industrial expanding foam.
              The last time was two or three summers ago when it was so hot and dry. This time they encouraged us to increase our watering and wait for cooler weather to see if it would come back on its own(which it did).

              Additional cost include performing a plumbing leak test before and after foundation repair(small in comparison, but unexpected)

              Going in I also didn't realize:

              1. this wouldn't eliminate my need to continue a foundation watering maintenance program.

              2. This did not bring the house back to square and level, but brought about an average of level floors and door jam gaps around doors.

              I don't know if folk native to this area find this stuff second nature but I'm still trying to grasp it. Expansion soil sucks!

              I've got lots of pictures of their work in progress and probably an elevation map of the house if your interested.



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                Thanks everyone. I will call some of the people to get evaluations. Call All Pro Foundation as well.


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                  I have a buddy who owns Structured Foundation Repair.


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                    I used Hargrave and Hargrave, Inc. out of Wylie 11 years ago. Have been very pleased with them. Phone number is 972-442-3415


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                      Having plumbing tests is critical! I didn't have it, and several years later realized that my house was still on the move. The foundation repair had pulled apart the cast iron pipe in the laundry and kitchen. Insurance paid for most of the repairs.