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Wireless Game Camera?

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  • Wireless Game Camera?

    Wanting to see if it is possible to build a wireless game camera that can transmit ~1 mile to a central laptop.

    I have 4 feeders and want to see if I can build something that can have an IR web cam at each feeder, sending a live feed back to the camphouse and a laptop to monitor activity at the feeders without having to sit at each one.

    Have some cameras that send images via cellular signals, but the ongoing cost is annoying, so wanted to see if anybody had any ideas on building something that would work on a long range wifi setup?

    Thinking something like this....but it just needs to go back to a central pc/mac on the property ~1 mile or less to the camphouse.


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    These guys have one that will transmit the picture via email or cel. Might be what you already have, but check it out.......especially the wildgame pulse 10x


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      I'm working w a similar problem except my cameras are all back in Louisiana watching my plots (still can't find a reasonable place to hunt here). I'm working (slowly) on building some that will piggy-back off of a nearby cell tower to transmit to my phone. Just having a few issues w the programming, hopefully it will all work out. I have Sprint and haven't seen where they offer the game camera option, somebody correct me on this please.


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