When will I receive my LSJC Membership packet?

Unless your Membership Director is on vacation or there is some kind of tech breakdown, we work very hard at mailing all new and renewal membership packets within 3 business days. In most cases they are mailed within 48 hours of LSJC receiving your membership payment.

The biggest issue you might have is a delay with a membership getting lost in the mail. This does happen from time to time. The Membership Director has no way to know this unless the new or renewing member contacts the Membership Director to let them know the packet did not arrive.

This is the biggest delay in receiving your packet.

So if you have just joined or just renewed and you do not receive your membership packet within 5 to 7 business days, be sure to let the Membership Director know right away.

Thank You…!

James NVRDUN Foster
2019 LSJC Membership Director