Benefits of becoming a paid LSJC Member include:

1. Full access to all sections of the forum
2. Attend member only events (i.e. Summer Party, State Fair of Texas Car Corral, LSJC Christmas Party and parades)
3. Allowed to submit entries to and vote on the Jeep of the Month contest. With winners getting a chance to win a paid years membership.
4. Club and member driven organized runs to various off-road parks
5. Purchase raffle tickets at the monthly Member's Meeting, events and any special Member's Only raffles
6. Purchase LSJC merchandise

7. Sponsor discounts
8. Eligible to hold elected positions
9. Voting rights (one (1) vote per membership)
10. New paid members will receive a membership card, 2 stickers and welcome letter
11. Opportunity to be a member of one of the largest Jeep only clubs in Texas

Qualifications to be a paid LSJC Member:

1. Must own at least one (1) Jeep vehicle
2. Members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion

If you would like to become a paid member of LSJC, click the following link to pay for your membership: