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Formal apology to those I feel I let down.

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  • Formal apology to those I feel I let down.

    Hey guys just checked my messages and their were more than a few people looking to mo to help with this past summer's Ouray Trip. I am sincerely sry that I basically bailed on everyone. My mom ended up divorcing my dad and turning the whole family against him (including whitney and myself) she also took his jeep and it is now in repo mode (were trying to get it back for him). On top of that we were transitioning into jobs in the Dallas area and we are now living in Carrollton happily. I just want those who were effected to know I am truly sry. If you guys need anything let me know...

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    Sorry to hear about the family issues and I hope things are improving.


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      thanks hondo, its looking better just moving on from it... We havent spoken to my mom in over 2 months now (her choice really) and my dad (GeatDane) on the forum is doing good. He's finishing his degree and focusing on himself which is awesome...


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        I'm so sorry, Matt, for everything you've been going through. If there's one thing I know from this group of people, it's that we're always here for each other so if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.

        If you and Whit aren't busy tonight, we'd love to see you and catch up with you at the NRH Cruise-In, starts at 6pm at the Back Forty Smokehouse in NRH. It's been far too long since we've seen and talked to you.

        Stay suave, my friend!!! :)


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          That sucks man.. But we are glad to have you in the City. Wichita Falls was a long drive for cruise-ins..


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            ya we deff like being in the Dallas area..