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Winch Plate Spacing for Fairlead

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  • Winch Plate Spacing for Fairlead

    Hey wiser than I group.....

    So, I have this wonderful winch plate that came with my bumper. The problem is, it is not drilled. and neither is the bumper. Not a huge problem, but I need some advise on the spacing that should exist between the fairlead and the spool. It is a standard 10" x 4.5" pattern, I just need to think about where to drill the forward most holes to allow for proper spacing. Any suggestions? Is closer to the spool best?

    Thanks guys.

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    Mine is probably 2" off the face of the winch housing [not spool] to the back of the fairlead.


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      Ok so, are you saying the forward most portion of the winch sits about 2 inches away from the fairlead? roughly a 2.25-2.5 inch mark for bolt position.... I have been looking over the real estate the bumper allows, which is not much, and I am finding that I will have about 1.25-1.5" if relief between the outer most housing to the fairlead. I thought that 'looked' about right and had justified its position - marked and wanted to wait to drill until tomorrow (daylight beats flashlight). Thanks Goody. I think I have enough to get this on without screwing myself too much.