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  • New Suspension 2Dr JK (2012)

    So I am (fingers crossed) taking delivery on a new JK Saturday (7/28). I am planning to run either 33 or 35 KM2s but I am concerned about which lift kit is the right one to add. I am torn on the size of the lift. I am set on OME, and the pricing varies drastically depending on how 'advanced' I want to get. I have no problems with cutting the fenders - as I will likely replace them in the near future. I can do the Shocks/Springs combo for ~700 shipped (slightly lower but rounding up). which will provide roughly 2.5 inches of lift. OR I can go with a little more lift, 3.5 inch, but it does not include control arms, just sway bars (front and Rear). Plus if I go any more than 3 inches I have to add in the spacers for the exhaust to clear the front axle.

    What advice is out there? Any suggestions? To keep it *reasonable*, I am looking to spend ~1500 for the suspension and I worked a deal with DT for either the 33s or 35s at a reasonable price - keeping that separate from the suspension costs.

    Thanks guys.

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    First off, figure out what you actually need. How "crazy" into off roading do you plan on getting? Do you need all eight control arms? Do you need that much lift? What are your goals? I know I ran all over Southern Nevada, Utah and Arizona on 2.5" coil spacers, shock extensions and 35s with my 2dr JK. I see way, way too many new JK/Jeep owners hop into the hobby and expect they need "all this stuff" that everyone else has. These JKs are very good platforms to start from suspension wise, I have about $500 wrapped into my suspension/shocks and on 37s at the moment.

    Definitely don't even consider 33s, at that point you might as well just save a few bucks any buy factory Rubicons (32s). I wouldn't even suggest going smaller than 35s on a JK with much of any amount of lift. The '12s are geared like the manual transmissions and put up with more tire [taller] than the 4-speed auto of the previous drivetrain, what axle ratio does this JK have?

    For a 2.5" lift, the bare minimum you need is rear sway bar end links, rear brake line drop brackets, longer shocks (or extensions) and probably a rear track bar bracket. 3.5" you step up and are going to want to regain some caster, so either AEV front drop brackets for the arms (what I have) or upper control arms will be required track bar(s), brake lines, longer shocks. Also with 3.5" lift on a 2dr JK you start to walk the line of excessive angle for the rear CV driveshaft. So far mine has been okay however.

    If you have questions or want to chat about stuff, I am down 380 from you toward Denton and could probably answer a bunch of questions or give advice on why or why not to consider a part. If you are new to off-roading, I'd suggest getting your feet wet with the 35s and something like a used puck/coil spacer lift. It'll get you out on the trail and let you decide what you need and don't need.

    $500 suspension on 37s...

    $180 worth of suspension on 35s...

    You can do a lot with a little with a JK. Just something to keep in mind..


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      Thanks Goody. I may take you up on picking your brain. I am sure my other friends are growing tired of hearing me ask for advice all the time.


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        You won't be the first, or last to do that I bet, haha. Do you plan on doing the install on your own?


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          yeah - Or with the aid of some more experienced hands .... I have been doing all the work on my YJ myself, small things, replacing broken vent windows, replacing the speedo gear, general maint - oil changes, coolant flush, brake pads, etc. but I have never tackled a suspension before. With that said, I am fairly handy and a DIY personality. I was able to fabricate a hard top lift in an afternoon (and a few beers). but back to the topic.... I may elect to go with just the Shocks and springs initially, with a set of quick discos and go from there. I did read your comment on rear sway bar etc. would that be needed on say the OME kit (HD springs) claimed 2 inchs of lift, but with the HD springs, its closer to 2.5