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    Originally posted by Gadget
    Jim Parker's Plaque installed on Camp Bird Road.

    Wow guys! You have me totally choked up. I should have known better than to read these posts while I am at work. It's hard to maintain composure! :)
    David and I cannot express how much everyone in this club means to us. I know he will probably be on here later and try to explain it as well, but from my heart, there are just no words. After the accident, David didn't want the jeep back (who could blame him). However, after seeing the steady stream of jeeps at the funeral and hearing all the wonderful memories you shared with Jim, David decided to get it back. Every time we go crawlin' or hang out at a cookout or cruise in, it keeps Jim's memory bright and alive in our hearts.

    The jeep may look a little different now... after all, David had to follow in Jim's footsteps and constantly modify the jeep (have to try to keep up with Brian as much as he can!).... but the joy Jim had for this group and for offroading will live on through it, every time we hit the trails.

    David and I had only been together about 6 months when the accident happened so I didn't get to know Jim very well. However, I feel like I know him by listening to all the stories, seeing the pictures, and experiencing his favorite things through David. David has many of the same honorable qualities that Jim had. He also has some of the strange quirks (like refusing to eat at McDonalds or having to pull over to the side of the road so he can crawl around in the back of the jeep looking for that noise thats been driving him nuts! haha). But the best quality of all, that David shares with his dad, is having you all as friends and family.

    Thank you again, everyone, for keeping Jim's memory alive and for going above and beyond in your display of love and friendship for him. Without a doubt, we are humbled and honored to be part of your group and we cherish every single friendship we have made these past 5 years (and will cherish every new one in the years to come).

    Now.... if only David could get a job where he doesn't work weekends... we could get to a few more Jeep Club Events! ;-)

    See you all soon!


    From our trip to Moab, UT - July 2008.


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      Thanks to Bill and Randy. Jim wouldn't have like all the attention. But he deserved it.
      He was a nice guy.

      RIP Brother

      1997 TJ 4.0 Auto D35R D30F stock stock


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        Very nice job and great looking plaque....Thanks guys

        Red 1985 CJ7 the engine purrs like a po'd kitten, 1st flop Ingrids Revenge, everything held together, its done

        ''Life's tough ........ it's even tougher if you're stupid.'' -- John Wayne


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          Re: Jim Parker's Plaque

          THANK YOU GUYS!

          Derek is a Fail.


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            Wow! A lot of kind words expressed towards Randy and I. Thank you all......but that is not the entire story.

            Brian and George did a lot to move forward on their end to not only attain approval for making the plaque, but design and put the appropriate words on it. George mailed it to me about 2 weeks ago. With Randy's help, we got to the right people in the county government and got the approval. Randy had the right equipment, (Bobcat, Genset, traffic cones, etc.). Without that stuff, it would have been a very difficult and somewhat dangerous task. I don't think anyone, by themselves could have done this.

            What a great story of teamwork to complete such a meaningful task.


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              Very sorry to hear about this tragic accident about about the loss of one of the members. What an unexpected event to predict.


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                It's good to see this go up. Thanks all for doing this. Jim would have done the same for us.


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                  A HUGE thank you to everyone involved. It means so much to me that the members of LSJC have gone to such great lengths to honor my father. Words cannot describe how proud I am to be part of such a wonderful group of people. My father was always bragging about the LSJC. He was so proud to be part of an organization that provided such a wonderful family friendly environment to all of its members as well as non-members. Now, after being involved with the LSJC for some time, I clearly see why he loved this organization, the people within it, and what it stands for.
                  I remember one time I had detailed the Jeep for my Dad, since he had let me borrow it a few times. He had apparently received some compliments on how well the interior looked, and was asked how he made it look like new. So, he asked me what I had used on the interior to make it look so good because he wanted to pass on the information to some of the members. I jokingly told him that it was my trade secret and that I could not say. He quickly and sternly stated; “that is not the way we do things in this group, we share information with each other”. Needless to say, I quickly told him what I used. (MOTUL Shine & Go) He was not about to go back to those members without the information they wanted!
                  My father’s first love was flying. He always wanted to be in his plane flying anywhere, even if it was just flying from Mesquite to one of the other small local airports to grab a cheeseburger. It was very difficult for him when health issues took this away. With heart issues he could not renew his pilot’s license. So, Jeeps and the LSJC became his new love. Since Brian and Nancy Ingle, who were my father’s closest friends for many years, and who also flew planes, became involved in the Jeeping community, it was a natural progression for my father to follow. His involvement with this group of people made him so happy. And for this, I am grateful and want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who not only welcomed and embraced him into the LSJC but also into your lives.

                  THANK YOU,

                  David Parker


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                    I haven't posted in awhile. This is a personal thing for me. I haven't wheeled much since then.
                    I as well as Shagnastie was the ones performing CPR.
                    David, I met you once later in Hot Springs. I am sorry for the loss. I wish I could have saved him.
                    I am very glad that they finally allowed this. He was a great man and I am blessed to have known him. He and his family will always be in my heart.


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                      Wish i could have met jim we are going to ouray 8-20-12. Will stop by and give my resepects thanks mudturtle 01 t.j. Unecessary goverment spending tirecover


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                        my wife and I just got back from Moab and Ouray and saw the plaque on Camp Bird Road


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                          very touching, he must have been a great guy. As a new(er) member, I am proud to be a part of a group that cares for others.


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                            That'a great thing you did for the family.