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Is it a 232 or 258??

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  • Is it a 232 or 258??

    I went to Show Low, Az this past weekend and picked up a 1978 CJ7 that had belonged to my deceased brother. My daughter bought it and gave it to e. The CJ7 has a I6. But I don't know if it's the 232 or 258. How can I tell if which one it is.

    I will be asking a lot of questions. First thing I'm doing is taking off all the California smog junk. I also have a stripped down bucket project 1975 CJ5 which has a 304.

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    I pulled this off another form. Hope this helps..!

    There's no way to look at any engine and tell what size it is except for the 4.0L -- it has no provision for a mechanical fuel pump. There is a code stamped on a flat on the block near the block/head parting line between cylinders #2 and #3 on the right side (spark plug side). The fourth character is the engine code.

    A - 199/1V, 70
    A - 258/1V, 71-79
    B - 258/1V low compression (Jeep only), 71-74
    C - 258/2V, 76-89
    E - 232/1V, 70-79
    F - 232/1V low compression (Jeep only), 71-74
    G - 232/2V, 70-74
    J - 199/1V, 66-69
    L - 232 (1V or 2V), 64-69
    MX - 242 EFI (4.0L -- Jeep only), 87-06
    note: may have just "M"

    The first character of the engine code is the year -- that's how you tell the 70 199 and 71-79 258 apart! From 1980 on the first character is the last digit of the year, and zero is used. Before then it's more complicated! The code started in 1959 with "1" used for 1959. Just count forward through 9, then skip zero and start over. So "1" could be 1959, 1968, or 1977. Knowing what engine sizes were built during a year and some engine details is necessary to decipher the code correctly. So code 108A15 could be a 68 199 or a 77 258. Check starter position. 68 would be on the left, 77 on the right.

    Incidentally, the 2nd and 3rd characters are the month the engine was built, and the last two are the day of the month.
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