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    My Jeep has the front bumper skid plate and I was thinking about adding some additional skid plates. The various supplier web sites identify about 12 different types of skid plates covering various structural components. Are there any recommendations as to the additional skid plates that should be considered as a minimum for enhanced under body protection?

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    An oil pan / transmission skid plate should be HIGH on the list as that is one area that you DO NOT want damaged. Then I would recommend either getting an evap skip plate or relocating it as it can get damaged easily where it is. Also next up would be the transfer case skid plate and then finally the gas tank skid plate. The gas tank already has a stock one but it is pretty flimsy.

    I run and personally recommend the Rock Hard 4x4 skid plate system. They tie together giving you a "seemless" smooth protected area under your jeep to slid over the rocks. Plus the bolts are covered with bolt head protectors. The skids come in aluminum or steel and I recommend steel for the strength even though they are heavier.

    Also on the list should be lower control arm skids and better diff covers.
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      X2 on the Rock Hard system of skid plates. I have them all on my 2014 JKU and they have more than earned their moneys worth over time.
      James NVRDUN Foster

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        OK...Thanks for response and recommendations. I am getting prices for the recommended skid plates and expect to have them installed in the Jeep by the end of next week.

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          Another nod for Rock Hard, I've got their full skid kit and have beat the CRAP out of it and it holds up great.

          I think the skid design that is used by Rock Hard, MetalCloak, Artec, etc is a superior design. There are also skids out there that bolt directly to your oil pan (Evo, Rancho, etc) that, in my opinion, are a far inferior design. With the RockHard style skid, in addition to the strength of the skid you also get an extra layer of protection in the space between the skid and the oil pan. Skids aren't perfect and WILL bend if hit hard enough. With that space you have to have a major hit before you get to the oil pan. However, with the Evo style skid any deflection of that skid is sent directly into the oil pan since you have no standoff.