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Having trouble with Dana 30 crush sleeve

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  • Having trouble with Dana 30 crush sleeve

    Hey everyone:

    I am trying to install a new pinion in my Dana 30 front axle.
    For some reason, I am not able to crush the sleeve to set the bearing preload.
    I did this on my 8.8 rear with no problems but this one is just not working.

    I tried a breaker bar. I tried using the handle from my jack. I went out and bought a DeWalt electric impact rated to 340 ft lbs.
    The sleeve is supposed to crush at 160 ft lbs. The impact destroys the nut but the sleeve does not budge. I have
    gone through 4 different nuts. I replaced the crush sleeve. Nothing has made a difference.

    Take a look at how much I deformed the washer between the pinion nut and yoke. That is not supposed to happen.

    I do not believe this is a lack of force.
    Something else is going on.

    Any ideas?



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    Looks like you may have crushed it already, it is a fine line between preload and contact. Make sure it is the right crush sleeve too.


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      The pinion assembly is still loose in the housing. I can wiggle it up and down. If the sleeve is crushed, the bearings should hold the pinion fixed in place.
      I am pretty sure I have the correct sleeve. I got it from 4 wheel parts. Nothing else in their catalog has the same shape.
      Here is a pic of the crush sleeve I have:


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        The thing I am wondering and I am sure it is just a miscommunication but, you say you are changing your Pinion? You can't just change your Pinion, do you mean you are changing the bearing? or your gears?


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          I am changing the ring and pinion. Right now I am working on installing the pinion, setting the bearing preload.


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            Something is incorrect but I am out of simple things to check. I have only done five Dana 30 crush sleeves and two were failures. All you can do is verify correct parts, correct orientation, have a spare or two and be patient. It takes quite a bit of torque to start the crush but, it should not be deforming washers.


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              Originally posted by Greg View Post
              it should not be deforming washers.
              That is my point exactly.

              I think I will try using a press to crush the sleeve down to the right size instead of relying on the nut and threads to do it.


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                I took the axle to mmmmbeer. We crushed the sleeve with his press. That solved it.

                Thank you for everyone's help!


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