Everybody prepares for going to the trails different.

Some folks just get in their Jeep and go.

Others pack a lunch throw in some trail chairs and head out.

Others pack everything they can think of.

When thinking about what you need there are some basics.


The following are some basic tools/equipment that are handy to have for these events:

1. CB (not mandatory, but best form of communication on trails)

2. Tow points front and rear on vehicle (winch, D-rings, etc.)

3. Tow strap (not mandatory, but good to have handy)

4. Basic tools (to disconnect sway bar, lug wrench, tire gauge, tire deflators, High Lift jack, jack base for a lifted Jeep etc.) SPECIAL TOOLS: These would be tools you might need to fix something on your Jeep others might not have on theirs.

5. Jeep Tool Bag: This is a tool bag that you use when you are working on your Jeep. Keep it in your Jeep and bring it with you when you wheel. If you need a tool and it’s not in the bag buy it and keep it in your Jeep bag.

6. Spare parts kit for your Jeep. Fuses, Gorilla Tape, assorted nuts and bolts, zip ties, belts, not the kind that hold up you pants, u-joints and a good quality tire plug kit. Pay attention when others break down. If you have the same Jeep make a note of what they needed to get back on the trail. If you can buy that part and put it in your parts kit. You or someone else might need it to get back on the trail.

7. Emergency Items: Fire extinguisher (2.75lb) at least, basic first aid kit.

8. Soft Side Cooler: Soft side is better than hard side in a roll over.

9. Food: Plan for lunch , snacks for the kids. Bring plenty of water to drink on the trails. This is very important if it is a HOT summer day.

10. Weather, take into consideration what the weather will be like. Bring rain gear in it might rain.

11. Foot wear. This is a BIG one a lot of people forget about. Just because you wear flip flops 23 hours a day does not make them good trail wear. If you are going to be in and out of your Jeep a lot a good pair of hiking boots can save not only your feet but help prevent a turned ankle.

12. Small plastic tarp for working on the ground.

11. REMOTE CONTROL WINCHES: Make sure your batteries are good…. PLEASE..!!!!!

12. Secure items in your Jeep: This is very important SAFETY ISSUE..!!!!


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