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For Sale Forum Rules & Tips For a Good Sale

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  • For Sale Forum Rules & Tips For a Good Sale

    This is gonna be short and sweet, and I hope we don't have to modify this too much.

    Forum Rules:
    1) No Commercial products for sale. We reserve that right for our sponsors.
    2) Do not sell anything illegal.
    3) No auctions. That's what ebay is for. Your posts must have a price/trade listed.
    4) No thread hi-jacking. If you have something similar for sale, make your own thread.
    5) Don't list want ads here. They belong in the Want Ads forum.
    6) If you don't have something that will assist the seller with their sale don't post. If you don't think much of the item or think the price is too high, just move on. The seller will figure it out all on their own.

    Please know that while these are the rules of the forum, LSJC and its officers hold no responsibility for what sellers and buyers do. If you suspect a scam, fraud or spam PM myself or any moderator and we will take care of it as quickly as possible.

    Tips for a good sale:
    1) Pictures are highly encouraged! PM a mod if you need help getting them to show up.
    2) Be as descriptive as possible, especially if you don't have a picture
    3) Include your location in your post, and if you are willing to deliver/etc.
    4) You don't have to put "for sale" or "FS" in the thread title. We know you are here to sell something.

    In order to maintain quality and to reduce spam and scamming, we have instituted a some minimum requirements for posting in here. You must have been a registered user for more than 3 days, and must have a minimum of 15 posts to participate. once those things have happened, you will automatically be "promoted" to having the ability to post in this section. Please note, the promotion system is automatic, and runs every hour at 25 minutes past the hour.
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